Sonntag, 24. Mai 2020

BiB - Back in Business

I'm back. Or something like that.
After 5 years away from EvE, I’m coming home. Home to the fanciest Excel table in history. Why?
Good question. Most like I’m bored. I played a lot of game since then, but most games are...boring. They feel like the same thing. The few games, that feel not like that are to few.
So, why back to EvE? Well thank Corona. Since 2015 I changed my job, and had even less time because I traveled more for work. That changed. Now everything (at least) seems possible from home and every day more people realizing this. So I have time again to play EvE. And of course all my real world hobbies are not possible/forbidden to do…
So I’m back. Lets see what will happen.

So long Shad...

2 Kommentare:

  1. Hey Shad!

    Schön zu sehen dass du noch lebst und wieder Aktiv bist :)

    Ich wünsch dir alles gute auf deinem neuen/alten Weg in EVE :)

    LG Bier (Bin nicht mehr unter Bierat ingame zu erreichen)

  2. Woa!
    Willkommen zurück!
    Jetzt kannst Du endlich den Mining Guide aktualisieren!